In Conversation With…Gina

Quick coffee break with one of the team
In Conversation With…Gina

Tea or coffee?       

Definitely Coffee!

What would you call your autobiography?

I didn’t do that, Did I ?

Favourite travel destination in the world?

New York City

Do you have a favourite joke? 

This wouldn’t be my favourite joke but it’s up there!!

If you love something, set it free

If it comes back, it’s yours

If it doesn’t, it never was.

And if it just sits there on the sofa, watching TV,

Unaware that it’s been set free,

You probably married it or gave birth to it.

Were you ever starstruck?

No never

What’s your favourite film?  

I don’t have a favourite film but I have to admit I have watched The Snapper and My Cousin Vinny many times!!!

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