In Conversation With…Louise

Quick coffee break with one of the team
In Conversation With…Louise


Tea or coffee?

Tea – marbh le tae marbh gan é.

Which film have you seen more than any other?

UP – Love a good Disney / Pixar movie. 

Do you have a signature dish (to cook)?

Taco’s! I love Mexican food, I even have my own tortilla press. 

Work you’re most proud of?

Producing and acquiring the funding for two short films: An Gadhar Dubh and Memento Mori, both had successful festival runs too. 

What is your earliest memory?

Playing on the beach with my Twin sister, we literally lived on the beach when we were young. 

Tip for anyone looking to work in VFX?

Be patient, discipline and hard work will help you progress. Learn as much as you can from your leads and supervisors. Teamwork is so important as you will always be a part of a team.

Favourite thing about working remotely?

Being closer to nature and living in a Gaeltacht area. 


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