An award-winning creative team, strong production, full support team and high-end technical spec and delivery make Audio/Number 4 the leading commercials audio facility in Ireland.

With a long track record in advertising work and lots of awards to show for it, we cover the complete process from voiceover casting and recording and music composition to sound editing right through to final sound mix and deliverables.

  • Dolby Atmos Mixing
  • Five 5.1 mix suites with Pro Tools Ultimate and Avid S6, S4 and S3 mixing desks.
  • Three White Mark designed studios with superb acoustics for both mixing and recording.
  • All studios networked by Editshare allowing us to work seamlessly from any studio, giving you a more collaborative and creative workflow.
  • All industry standard plugins available across all studios.

Audio Services

Voiceover Recording
Our three White Mark-designed voice booths sound just great, and we record everything in these rooms from ADR to a beautifully polished voiceover for commercials.

Voiceover Casting
Our experienced production team handles all voiceover casting, booking and liaison for you, making your commercial production process simple and seamless.

Source Connect Pro/ISDN
We have Source Connect Pro in all our suites and we use it daily for dial-ups with international studios to record voiceovers from the most remote place we can find them. Source Connect Pro also works to picture so you can keep an eye on both picture and sound remotely.

Radio Recording
We pride ourselves on our radio productions and thoroughly enjoy bringing the creative vision to audible life. From choirs to multiple voiceovers we can cater for it all in our studios. And we have a massive sound FX library to further bring your radio ads to life.


Music Composition
Working with our Whirligig colleagues from Folding Waves, we offer full music composition services for commercials.

Remote Working
We use all the communication and collaboration platforms to allow full remote working and seamless delivery. Chat to us on Zoom, Hangouts, Teams or Skype.

We can arrange full Foley services through our range of industry-leading Foley suppliers.

Tech Specs

  • White Mark Designed Studio and Voice Booths
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Source Connect Pro
  • Focusrite Mic pres and compressors
  • Genelec Monitoring
  • Mac Pro

Sound Mix

We just love sound mixing for our TV and radio commercials.  

Our team of mixers and editors relish every stage in the craft of audio design for commercials, from recording the voiceover to music editing and sound design.  And we get a real kick out of the challenge of telling the audio story over the medium of radio, which is still as popular today as ever. 

Sound Design/Sound Edit

We tailor the sound design and sound edit to what your commercial needs, matching the best editor or mixer to the job.

More often our sound mixers will design the soundscape for your TV commercials, selecting the right sounds and textures to flow around the chosen voiceover and music. 

But when needed, we can assign a dedicated sound designer/editor to bring a different aspect to the narrative when your audio production needs it.