Film / TV


An award-winning creative team, strong production, full support team and high-end technical spec and delivery make Audio/Number 4 the leading Film/TV audio facility in Ireland.

With an enviable track record in film and television work, we cover the complete process from sound editing right through to final mix and deliverables.

  • Dolby Atmos Mixing
  • Five 5.1 mix suites with Pro Tools Ultimate and Avid S6, S4 and S3 mixing desks. 
  • Three studios designed by White Mark with superb acoustics for both mixing and recording. 
  • All studios networked by Editshare allowing us to work seamlessly from any studio, giving you a more collaborative and creative workflow.
  • All industry standard plugins available across all studios. 


Recent Work:



What Our Clients Say:

Pete Lewis, Boulder Media

We work with Windmill on most of our shows and they have always delivered, creatively and practically. Having them as part of our team is a real reassurance our work will be completed to a top class standard. I can’t rate them highly enough!

Lance Daly, Director, BLACK ’47
I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for your patience and kindness in helping us to finish our movie. Fionan Higgins was a total superstar. His commitment, his technical skill and his willingness to carry such a heavy and diverse workload as he did – fixing FX, edits, music, dialogue in two different languages and final mixing 444 tracks with such care and precision – puts him at the very top of the league table as regards sound post in Ireland.”

Sound Mix

Our award-winning Re-Recording Mixers have worked on a range of film, TV drama and documentaries. These highly-organised, technical wizards are also audio artists, working collaboratively with directors to combine Dialogue, Ambience, Foley, Sound Effects and Music into a coherent final mix that brings the creative vision to life.

Sound Supervision

Our sound supervision team oversees the entire post audio production from beginning to end as it flows through the facility. Often our supervisors will take on the mix, dialogue edit or sound FX edit, all the while monitoring all the other aspects of the production from foley recording and editing to music delivery from composers.  

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

As the leading ADR facility in Ireland we have built up an impressive credit list of both International and local features and TV Dramas.

With over 60 years experience of recording ADR between them, our team of engineers will ensure your session runs smoothly and that your recordings will sound great.
We have superb custom designed rooms with full isolation and a choice of mics including the Schoepps CMIT 5U, Sennheiser MKH 60, Sennheiser MKH 416, DPA 4060 and DPA 4061.
We run Ediprompt to help actors hit their mark and can handle group recordings of up to 8 people as well as single actor ADR sessions and animation records.
Sessions can be monitored via Source Connect Pro or even a simple Zoom link to save on the cost of hiring another studio.

Sound Design

From sci-fi to preschool animation, our sound design team gets into the nitty gritty of what’s required, giving your project its unique sound palette.

Our team of editors are also experienced sound designers, creating bespoke sounds for your feature. We work to find the right sounds to suit, using virtual synths, analog keyboards and generally weird objects to create luscious textures and sounds to fit your edit.

Sound Edit

Our super team of skilled sound editors have worked on everything from animations to features, so they are going to make sure your session runs well and delivers great work. 

The team will track lay sound FX, edit dialogue and prep all sessions ready for pre mix and onto final mix. They are on hand to make notes and amend picture edits all the way through the project. From bespoke foley recording and editing to sound design, our team covers all bases.