In Conversation With…

Quick coffee break with one of the team
In Conversation With…

Tea or coffee?
The thought of a morning coffee with Gina is often the only thing that gets me into the office some days!

What song should people listen to after reading this?
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance

Favourite childhood TV show?
The ’92 X-Men animated series! Best Theme Tune in cartoon history

Work you’re most proud of?
My Little Pony: A New Generation will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve loved animation since I was a kid so getting to do an animated feature is a massive tick on my bucket list.

What makes you happy?
Dogs with their own Instagram

Do you have a favourite joke?
Dublin’s Rental Market

Tip for anyone looking to be a Producer?
Your team is your most valuable resource and has the knowledge you don’t. Make sure to ask them questions.  You can never ask enough questions. If you think you’ve asked too many, ask one more just to be safe.

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