25 Years of Netflix

25 Years of Netflix


On August 29, 2022 Netflix will celebrate 25 years since its foundation. It’s fair to say that Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings partnership changed the Film and TV landscape forever. Having partnered with Netflix over the years we thought it fitting to celebrate our favourite Netflix originals from the last 25 years – as chosen by some of our team. We hope you enjoy!


Matt Branton / Senior Colourist

Matt Branton


Choice? Da 5 Bloods.

Why? The story is told with such charisma, I love how it effortlessly moves between the past, present and intertwined historical archive, it’s all so well handled.


Dave Quinn / CEO

Dave Quinn

Choice? The White Tiger.

Why? Because it sure ain’t your typical Bollywood Movie.


Deborah Doherty / Head of Production

Deborah Doherty

Choice? The Christmas Chronicles (both parts!).

Why? I think I know most of the film off by heart as my kids watched it on repeat every single day the last few Decembers. Go Kate Pearse! Can’t beat Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as Santa and Mrs Claus.


Mark Henry / Senior Audio Engineer

Mark Henry

Choice? The Power of the Dog.

Why? I loved the way it constantly surprises and never settled into the kind of film I expected. Great performances from the cast too.


Emily Burke / Producer

Emily Burke

Choice? Bird Box.

Why? I get chills thinking about if I was in Sandra’s position and the stress of trying to keep blindfolds on my children!!!!


John Kennedy / Head of VFX

John Kennedy

Choice? Uncut Gems.

Why? I think the most interesting art, literature, filmmaking, etc is something that elicits a powerful emotional response, something that doesn’t always have to be feel good, formulaic and happy ever after to work and can, on occasion, take you out of your comfort zone, provoke and challenge you and Uncut Gems does this so well, being a masterclass in how it combines everything from powerful performances, to editing, sound design and craft to create a unique and unsettling mood that is not only central to how the story is told, but elevates it beyond, to something much better because of it.


Suzanne Fitzpatrick / VFX Production Manager

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Choice? Don’t Look Up.

Why? Don’t Look Up is one of those incredibly rare films that – love it or hate it for the severity of its subject matter  – will live somewhere in the depths of your brain for decades to come (if we have that long left of course). It really shone a spotlight on how innately ridiculous humans are in a way that’s both hilarious and terrifying and that is scarcely achieved.


Fionán Higgins / Senior Audio Engineer

Fionan Higgins

Choice? The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Why? Directed by the Coen brothers. Back in 2001 I interned in Skip Lievsays’ (the Coen brothers sound collaborators) facility C5inc in NYC and had a chance to work on a Coen brothers film The Man Who Wasn’t There which was a dream come true. Before and after that seminal moment any Coen brothers films are always close to the top of my watch lists.


Jessica Felton / Producer

Jessica Felton

Choice? The Two Popes.

Why? There are a tonne of Netflix popcorn films I’ve watched and but the outstanding film, and one I now want to watch again, is The Two Popes. An absolutely fascinating look inside the Vatican and what it takes and means to be Pope. The relationship between the two of them, the intimacy and humanity. Just captivating.


Aaron Carroll / Producer

Aaron Carroll

Choice? The Old Guard. 

Why? The Old Guard is an extremely underrated action flick. It approaches the genre with a wholly different perspective, strawing away from hyper-masculine presentation’s of revenge and anger and focusing instead on found family and the lasting impact of small kindness’.

Written by Jason Gaffney

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