Airmedica, Power of Touch

We worked with One Core and H2 Films on this spot for the AirMedica Total Hand Shield System from Cosmetic Creations.

The “The Power of Touch” campaign was a real creative collaboration for a great product created in Ireland.  Shot and produced under strict Covid restrictions, the piece communicates a simple but strong message about the importance of hand hygiene through a powerful visual metaphor that uses UV paint, powder, lighting and contemporary dance.

Lee Hickey’s edit took inspiration from music video styles and Dave Hughes’ grade subtly and elegantly enhanced the beauty of what was already captured in the shoot,  while Ian Jacobs’ finishing rounded the piece out.


Agency Head of Production: Fiona McGarry | Core
Client Director: Jo Mullins | Core
Concept | Senior Art Director: Darragh Julian | Core
Concept | Senior Copywriter: Laura Fitzgerald | CoreDirector: Keith Hutchinson | H2 Films
Producer: Jack Armstrong  | H2 Films
Cinematographer: Narayan Van Meale

For Windmill Lane:

  • Edit: Lee Hickey
  • Colour: Dave Hughes
  • Finish: Ian Jacobs
  • Sound Mix: Mark Henry
  • Post Producer: Talma O'Sullivan