Written and directed by Stevie Russell, produced by Mike Donelly at MDV and starring Adam Lunnon-Collery, Fionn Ó Loingsigh and Ellie McHale-Roe, The Cousin is brought to you by Storylands.

The drama centers around Dan, a young, aspiring artist who gains acceptance into a prestigious art college with his project, ‘The Saints of Fairfield.’

This art installation incorporates projection, mapping and archival photography, showcasing portraits of individuals from his community who have passed away due to various circumstances.

Dan’s journey takes an unexpected turn when his success opens up a chance to break away from his predetermined life path. However, a crucial step in this journey involves seeking his cousin’s blessing, a task that might prove to be challenging.

The Windmill Team

  • Aaron Carroll
  • Matt Branton
  • Robbie O'Farrell
  • Abbey Greene
  • Tony McFadden
  • Matthew O'Dwyer
  • Fionan Higgins
  • Tom Morris
  • Mark Henry