Another building block to Windmill Lane’s success

Another building block to Windmill Lane’s success

Having recently gone to press discussing Windmill Lanes global ambition in VFX – Ireland’s longest running post-production studio has acquired Robert Fletcher from LEGO adding another solid block to their ambitious aims and objectives.


Robert started his career at Ballyfermot College of Further Education studying Animation before spending 10 years with Boulder Media beginning with 3d Compositing before becoming Pipeline Technical Director. Speaking about his time with Boulder Robert comments “My proudest achievement to date is having been a founding member of Boulder Media’s pipeline team, where we created a successful 3D Feature film pipeline from scratch.”


Since graduating from Ballyfermot – Robert’s career has been diverse to say the least. With todays never ending demand for content across various platforms – experience across different industries and disciplines is a big advantage. Luckily Robert has always been keen to challenge himself; “I’ve spent the last decade and a half working on a wide variety of productions, including animated TV shows, and Films, working for Clients such as BBC, Cartoon Network, Disney, Hasbro and LEGO.


Danger Mouse

[Danger Mouse, 2015]

This hasn’t been an easy journey and has required a dedication to his craft and skillset. Always keen to upskill and acquire new learnings at any opportunity Robert’s career has required patience to transition back to the media sector – his objective when starting his national higher diploma back in 2002; “I started out my career as a 3D generalist working in the Oil and Gas industry, and from there transitioned into the TV industry where I took on a variety of roles including 3D Modelling, Lighting, Compositing and finally Pipeline.

So what will Robert bring to Windmill Lane going forward? “I bring with me 15 years of experience in artist workflows, and pipeline development and will be helping to develop and mature the Windmill VFX pipeline. I am so excited to be here.


Go Jetters

[Go Jetters, 2015]

And what if things get tough? Well Windmill Lane needn’t worry as Robert lives under the mantra of a former Conservative Prime Minister – Mr Winston Churchill; “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. Lets hope there’s no need for that mindset but one things for certain – Windmill Lane have a talent that will bring knowledge, ideas and a wealth of experience.

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Written by Jason Gaffney

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