Deloitte – Make it Happen

This project was a collaboration with ACNE for Deloitte to give a strong and unique visual identity to a selected number of services offered by Deloitte. Our challenge was to visually distill the core essences of services in Digital, Finance, Operations and Cloud Services.

ACNE creative: John O’Connor, Dylan Cotter
ACNE management: JP Bruce
3D Design: Mario Domingos
Voice over: Keith McErlane Lisa Richards

The Windmill Team

  • Lead Motion Designer: Manus Goan
  • 2D Animation: Aidan O’Leary
  • V/O record + Sound Mix: Mick Creedon
  • Post Producer: Deborah Doherty
  • Illustration: Holly Pereira
  • Composition + Sound Design: Folding Waves