Lee Hickey

Lee Hickey


Lee is an award winning editor having pick up both an ICAD and a Kinsale Shark last year and has been a senior commercials editor in Windmill Lane for over a decade. Initially concentrating on documentaries and series for RTE, BBC and Channel 4 and after stints working on location in Las Vegas for U2 and Venice for Mike Figgis, Lee made the succesful switch to commercials and has not looked back. His work includes commercials for not only Ireland, but also the
UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine and Poland.

Lee’s commercial credits include campaigns for: Guinness, Heineken, Budweiser, Smirnoff, McDonalds, Permanent TSB, National Lottery, Vodafone, O2, Tayto, Irn Bru, Mars. His work has been recognised with ICAD and Shark awards for editing and In 2003, his work for Heinken Green Energy picked up the Palm D’or overall festival prize at the Kinsale Sharks festival.

His drama credits include: ‘New Boy’ (Nominated for Best Short Film (Live Action), 2009 Academy Awards; Best short film, Tribeca 2008); ‘The Terms’ (Oscar Shortlisted for Best Live Action Short 2002’ In addition, Lee has also edited:  ‘After a Fashion’ (6 part documentary series); ‘Dublin Nights’ (6 Part Documentary Series); ‘The Green Fields of France’ (Award winning documentary – Input Festival)

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