Lidl, Homecoming

Having created the last three Christmas campaigns for Lidl, Chemistry approached this year’s brief by placing the Irish family Christmas at the heart of the campaign.  Separating the product elements of the campaign from the brand elements, the film is centred upon the overwhelming sense of place that’s relevant to us all at Christmas time.

The film sees a grown family come together to recreate Christmas for their father in their old family home. Tucked away in the country, the house has been left to fall into a state of disrepair and, coupled with the death of the their mother, the family are inspired to rally around and bring the old home back to life in time for Christmas. Taking the viewer on a journey, from clearing away the cobwebs to the arrival of the elderly father, it is when the snow starts to fall that Christmas really begins.

“This year there was an element of ‘how do we raise the bar’? This is a new concept creatively that asks; what does Christmas mean in an Irish context? The answer is spending time with family and friends... The sense of place, of people coming back together, was important.
Whilst there’s a reference to the product, the narrative isn’t diluted by explicit placement and a lot of credit must go to the client. It’s been a real collaboration as we explored at lots of different routes for the campaign but we all knew that this was the right script. It’s been
fantastic seeing how we can go in an emotional direction for this film, and both ourselves and Lidl are extremely happy with how it has come out,” says Mark Tuthill, copywriter with Chemistry.

“So many Christmas campaigns can feel manufactured and insincere in the way that they attempt to pull on our heart strings, which is why we worked closely with director Henry Mason (Antidote) who looks for a particularly realistic and natural style in his films. He shoots loosely, nothing is very contrived or set up, and there’s a lot of spontaneity between the actors, which makes for a natural final film in which your really get to know the family.”


  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming

Complimenting the TV spots, Windmill worked closely with Chemistry to finish a series of product spots and a variety of digital and social content.

  • Lidl, Homecoming
  • Lidl, Homecoming


  • Agency
  • Chemistry
  • Creative Director
  • Mike Garner
  • Art Director
  • Hugh O'Connor
  • Copywriter
  • Mark Tuthill
  • Agency Producer
  • Fiona McGarry
  • -
  • Production Company
  • Antidote
  • Director
  • Henry Mason
  • Producer
  • Andrew Freedman
  • -
  • Edit, Colour & Finish
  • Windmill Lane
  • Colour
  • Matt Branton
  • Finish
  • John Kennedy
  • Audio
  • No 4
  • Audio
  • Mark Henry
  • Post Producer
  • Dave Quinn, Jennifer Connolly
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