Kellogg's, What's In A Box?

Windmill joined creative forces with Leo Burnett, Dubai & director Brian Durnin through Film Pudding Beirut on the latest Kellogg’s Cornflakes & Honey Nut Flakes campaign for the Middle East & European Market.

Our contribution from script to final delivery was key in ensuring confidence for the wider international team with the agency in Dubai, shoot and edit in Budapest, VFX and finish in Dublin.

We worked closely with Irish director Brian Durnin& Film Pudding

planning the shoot meticulously. A healthy amount of previs solved
problems and answered many questions, allowing for a definitive &
shared vision. Further to this, John Kennedy’s VFX supervision on
location was invaluable to just how we went about doing the tricky stuff
– setting us up nicely to make use of effective camera projections and
other tricks.

Our unique approach to managing this project, meant moving away from a
common modular process and we sought to break with some of the more
traditional “post” workflows. We assigned a dedicated team & worked
via a project room hubbing through Flame breaking shots and tasks out to
the team to work in Nuke, After FX, PF Track, Photoshop &
Softimage, lending towards a more holistic approach & resulting in a
more efficient and flexible project workflow with an emphasis on
quality, communication  & lots of happy faces!

  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?
  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?
  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?
  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?
  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?
  • Kellogg's, What's In A Box?


  • Agency
  • Leo Burnett Dubai
  • Art Director
  • Dave Bowen
  • Copywriter
  • Ross Hardiman
  • -
  • Production Company
  • Film Pudding
  • Director
  • Brian Durnin
  • Producer
  • Layal Moukahal
  • -
  • Editorial
  • Umbrella
  • -
  • VFX
  • Windmill lane
  • VFX Supervisor
  • John Kennedy
  • 2D Artists
  • Ellen Cunningham
  • Fred Burdy
  • 3D Artists
  • Eric Dolan
  • Fred Burdy
  • Richard Merrigan
  • Producer
  • Alexandra Cullen
  • -
  • Colour
  • Windmill Lane
  • Colourist
  • Matt Branton
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