• Dare to be Wild

Dare to be Wild

Dare to be Wild is a contemporary romantic adventure that tells the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a gifted landscape designer whose mission is to share the beauty and power of wild nature with the world. Facing almost impossible odds, she enters one of the toughest competitions in her field, and with nothing but talent and sheer force of will to drive her, she gets sceptics and cynics alike to share her vision.

  • Dare to be Wild
  • Dare to be Wild

Given the romantic nature of this feature, the audio design relied heavily on clearly carving out the dramatic dialogue amidst emotive music swells (which included the occasional SFX treatment). As the story unfolds so does the music, building the tension/anticipation for the competition and ultimately the climax of the narrative


  • Director
  • Vivienne De Courcy
  • Sound Mix
  • Mark Henry
  • Supervising Dialogue Editor
  • Fionan Higgins
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