• Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse AKA DM operates from a secret base in a post-box on a quiet corner in Mayfair, London. At a moment’s notice he will make for anywhere in the world with his faithful assistant, Penfold, to fight evil and villainy everywhere!

  • Danger Mouse
  • Danger Mouse
  • Danger Mouse

Our work on helping Danger Mouse make his triumphant return to television screens has been some of the most entertaining and challenging of any animation work that has been done in Number 4 to date. With 52 episodes we are challenged with making each one stand out sonically- be that through unique vehicles, monsters, planets, other worlds and of course characters encountered along the way! In order to make each one captivating for audiences, time is spent creating bespoke 'flavours' from the ground up by the edit team. This satisfies our own keen sense for what works along with what the client has produced, in what we hope to be an outstanding show!


  • Animation Studio
  • Boulder Media
  • Directed By
  • Robert Cullen
  • -
  • Sound Mix
  • Dom Lawrence
  • Sound Editors
  • Sol O’Carroll & Andy Kirwan
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