Ultan Murphy

Ultan Murphy


Ultan has been part of the team at Windmill Lane since 2004. In that time he has shown unique versatility in his skillset,  editing across the spectrum from feature VFX to high rating mainstream entertainment TV, from longform music shows to award winning short films.

In May 2017 Ultan completed editing a feature length Drama 'We Ourselves' directed by Paul Mercier for An Pointe Productions.

In 2016 Ultan edited a four part Tg4 series about Buck Whaley for Dearg Films, four episodes of UTV Ireland's 'Along Home Shores' for ShinAwil, comedy sketch show 'Senior Moments' for Vico Productions, six part Drama series 'Fir Bolg' for Danú Media featuring Don Wycherley, Seán McGinley, Aonghus McAnally and Caroline Morahan, with cameos from Patrick Bergin, Liam Cunningham, Stephen Rea, Amy Huberman, Paddy Moloney and Brendan Grace.

Ultan's previous credits include the IFTA winning TV series 'Wild Ireland' (Big Mountain/ITV), 'Robert Shaw - Jaws, Deoch & Deora' (Dearg Films/TG4), 'You're A Star' (ShinAwil / RTÉ), 'Failte Towers' (Adare / RTÉ) ,  IFTA nominated, 'The Truth About Travellers' (TV3), 'Grey Matters' (Mojo Entertainment/RTÉ) and 'It Came From Connemara!' (Dearg Films/BAI/TG4).

For more information or a specialised reel contact: ultan.murphy@windmilllane.com



Websites: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2371733/

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